Citroen 2CV Specials

Two Citroen 2CV specials raced at the event. They looked fantastic in their gleaming bare aluminium bodywork.

Both were in standard tune, and the photo shows how close the racing was. Peter (in the 3 wheeled car) suspects that the differences were down to missed gear changes.

2CV Specials Drag Racing


The Max Hyde MkII Special was brought along by it's creator (who is named after the car). It's a brilliant piece of kit with the engine projecting ahead of the long bonnet like a vintage aeroplane.

The car sounds much like a vintage aeroplane too with it's twin barely silenced exhausts.

Max Hyde Special at Santa Pod

Max is working on a mid engined MkIII based on the style of a 60s Formula 1 racing car. Find out more on the Max Hyde Motors website.

Max Hyde Special

Peter's Charlee Pembleton Special was kitted out especially for the event with a picnic hamper and teddy bear on the boot rack.

The Pembleton website suggests the 4 wheeled version could weigh in at about 350kg, so this one should weigh one wheel less.

Both 2CV specials were quicker than any standard car at the event, managing a 21 second quarter mile at a closing speed of just under 60mph.

Charlee Pembleton 2CV Special

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