The idea behind the Slow Car Club is to have some fun racing without going to all the bother of buying a fast car, getting a racing licence, or doing any tuning. The plan is to hold an event roughly once a year.

Better still, if you come along with a friend who has the same type of car you'll enjoy the closest racing that can be had at Santa Pod. Everyone is welcome whatever car you drive, but points might be deducted for underhand tricks such as tuning.

Santa Pod September 2nd 2007 - Event Report

Renault 4s
Two new Renaults battle it out this year.
Austin Allegro
The ultimate Slow Car Club challenger - find out how it got on.
Impossible to tell if they were tuned or standard until they left the start line.
Jet Cars
Never stand behind a jet car! Ian looks like he might be racing against one.
Muscle Cars
Cars that weren't with us, but are cool enough for a mention.

Apologies for absence

The 2CV lot. Hopefully they'll be along next year.

Prizes - Awarded by Judge Geoff

Judge Geoff This year Geoff asked me to phone him so he could actually come to the event, but I can't help being disorganised. Still, no judge means no prizes which saves a bit of cash.

Winner: Darren's Allegro (Out-psyched a tuned Volkswagen - very cool tactics).
Runners Up: All the Volkswagens - A massive turnout.
Ian's Renault - The mean green video machine.

Santa Pod September 3rd 2006 - Event Report

Wind and rain on Saturday put many people off attending, but the day itself turned out fine and sunny, though a strong headwind down the strip reduce times by a second from last year. Many thanks to members of the 2CVGB Club for turning up in force and making the day.

Citroen 2CV
Some very competitive racing
2CV Specials
Shiny aluminium specials
Renault 4 drag racing Renault 4
A standard saloon vs a Gordini powered van.
Renault 4 vs Citroen 2CV Renault 4 vs 2CV
Battle of the Peasants - the movie
Fun cars
Other people spotted at the event
Powerful cars
Santa Pod's finest noise makers turned up for a few runs

Apologies for absence

MOT and diary incidents together with the weather and illness reduced the field by more than half this year. Once again I clashed with the Microcar National so anything with 3 wheels went there instead. The biggest disappointment was that the double decker bus couldn't make it. We decided it was 6 inches taller than the gantry over the start line. Single deck buses will be more than welcome next year.

Prizes - Awarded by Judge Geoff

Judge Geoff It's always difficult to select winners from a group where everyone deserves a prize. Deciding on a winner was especially difficult for Judge Geoff as we forgot to mention the event was happening this year.

Winner: Rachel's 2CV (a fantastic performance especially for a first run)
Runners Up: Max Hyde MK 2 Special (for sounding so good)
Russ's 2CV (the fastest 2CV time through being devious, and a .25 second reaction time!)
Everyone else (this year was too close to call)

Photographs and reports elsewhere on the interweb

Peter Donaldson (I assume from the photos he's a professional photographer) posted excellent photos of the event including a sequence of the mid morning accident in progress. A funny car loses a door, sheds a rear wheel, and finally crashes head long into the barrier all within feet of the start line. Of course the barrier turned the car around and squished the rear end too. How unlucky can you get!

Peter from 2CVTV (who competed in the Charlee Pembleton) has written an excellent report of the event.

Drag Racing at Santa Pod 2005 - Sponsored by Crap Trumps - Event Report

We were very fortunate to have a burning hot day for the meeting on 4th September. A good time was had by all. It was a pleasure to have a huge contingent from our sponsors Crap Trumps whose stickers found their way onto just about every car on the raceway.

Party Party
Why it's a bad idea to party before race day
Transit Van Transit Van
Crap Trumps Mascot van and overall winner
Renault 4 Renault 4
3 of the things, and the closest racing of the day
Driven by "The Stag"
Ford Escort Ford Escort
Burnout wizard
Cool Cars Cool Cars
Other cool cars at the event
Austin 7 Austin 7
Pre-war technology on the strip
Fast Cars Fast Cars
Who had nothing to do with us

Prizes - Awarded by Judge Geoff

Judge Geoff Deciding on the winners was tricky for Judge Geoff (particularly as he wasn't at the event).
In the end the judges decision was:
Winner: The Crap Trumps Transit Van (for being the slowest car by miles)
Runners Up: Lucie's Renault 4 (for Wacky Races deviousness)
The Stag's MGB (for being slower than expected)
The Ford Escort (for the burnout)
The Toyota Yaris (for sheer number of stickers)
The Austin 7 (for being the coolest car on the strip)

More from Santa Pod

FIA FInals FIA Finals
Top fuel dragsters from 2004
Jet Cars Jet Cars
From Santa Pod's Flame and Thunder

Apologies for Absence

Austin 12 Austin 12
A good drive down to the pub
Land Rover Land Rover
With a broken layshaft bearing



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