Power at the Pod

There are always a good range of ful blown drag racing cars at the Pod. This '70 Camero looked nicely standard with only an enormous supercharger intake on the bonnet giving the game away as to what lies underneath.

Ford Mustang Drag Car

The really powerful cars were separated from the other racers and prepared in the pit lane. Here a Corvette Stingray funny car is being prepped ahead of a Ford Zephyr. Both crews are about to get a shock when the jet car on the track starts up.

Ford Zephyr Custom

The Zephyr repeatedly entertained the crowd with the biggest burnouts of the day.

Burnout with lots of tyre smoke

There were a few cars going down the strip in less than 6 seconds. The noise doesn't just take your ear drums out - it goes right through your body, up your arm and wobbles the camera.

As the noise disappears into the distance it is replaced with the relative quiet of car alarms going off all the way down the pits.

Funny Car in Action

Another funny car in '50s American style. These things are really dragsters covered by one piece fibreglass bodies.

Funny Car on the Drag Strip

The hot rod managed to lift one of it's front wheels off the ground on a previous run. One of the funny cars running earlier had to abort a run after it nearly barrel rolled off the start line.

Hot rod

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