Fun Cars Spotted at the Pod

The tractor would have made a fantastic Slow Car Club entry, but never managed a full run down the strip. It was there to clean the track surface.

Santa Pod Tractor

A buggy with an un-sprung rear axle was remarkably quick, covering the quarter mile in around 12 seconds.

Redline Buggy

The Darkside does have more power! This Beetle was fitted with a Subaru turbo engine in place of the more traditional flat four.


Darkside Beetle

The Renault 5 that had been putting in impressive 12 second quarter mile times packed up after dropping the insides of the gearbox onto the track. The car has a 2 liter turbo engine, and the owner had been hoping to drive it home.

Renault 5 broken down on the drag strip

The Mini was being raced in standard condition as part of a before and after comparison.

The owner said the final spec will depend a lot on budget, but a turbo is under consideration.

Drag Racing Mini

There were 3 '68 Dodge Chargers at the event. Amazingly they were running 13.5 seconds from stock. Not bad for a 1.6 tonne car.

'68 Dodge Charger

Battle of the '80s coupes.

The Capri and Sirocco were very well matched off the line, but the Capri's larger engine allowed it to pull away and win.

Capri vs Scirocco

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