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Flame and Thunder - Jet Cars at Santa Pod


Gary sent some photos from the Flame and Thunder event at Santa Pod in November 2004.

Sticking a great big jet engine in the back of your motor might go against the ethics of the Slow Car Club, but it looks like a lot of fun.

Jet Beetle

One day someone was going to stick a jet into the back of a Volkswagen Beetle.

Heat Wave Jet Truck

The "Heat Wave" Truck

Jet Truck

Another jet truck.

Smoke at the start

The jet cars (and trucks) produce a great deal of smoke on start up. It pays not to stand in the grandstand directly behind them.

Jet Quadbike

You have to be a nutter to drive a jet powered quad bike (with afterburner of course). This guy managed to do doughnuts.

Jet Car at Night

Flame and Thunder continues into the night and includes a firework display.

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