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Santa Pod FIA Drag Racing Finals

Supercharged American

These are Gary's photos from the Saturday qualifying session at Santa Pod on 11th September 2004.

Drag Bike

A drag bike sets off up the drag strip. Nearly a quarter mile left to run which should take him less than 7 seconds.

Funny Car

A funny car (really a full sized dragster shortened and fitted with a rear hinging body).

V8 strip

These engines take such a lot of strain during the drag race that they have to be taken apart and measured up after each run. Anything that had become just a little too short is replaced.


A baby supercharger sits in it's carry cot.

Top Fuel Dragster

Top fuel dragsters are amazing to watch (and very noisy).

They rocket off the start line, and the next second they've crossed the finish line and deployed their parachutes.

FInish Times

0 to 250mph in 5.4 seconds.......


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