Renault 4 vs Renault 4 Gordini

The Renault 4 race was between my yellow saloon with a standard 34 bhp engine, and a blue van with a 93 bhp Gordini Alpine engine.

The van belongs to Derek from Renospeed - the UK's only Renault 4 Specialist.

The staging marks were especially difficult to see on the day, and Derek overshot and had to reverse. He was still reversing into position when the lights went green.

Renault 4 Gordini van

My little engine was going to need all the help it could get, so I did a burnout on the approach to the start line to get the front left side tyre up to optimal racing temperature.

Taking full advantage of the unexpected head start I raced up the track taking an early lead, while wondering why I hadn't been passed by a lightening quick blue van.

Racing Renault

Finally the van passed me at great speed and pulled off into the distance.

Van catches up

Here's the timing slip. The Gordini powered van put up a very respectable time of 18.5 seconds against the very strong headwind.

My time last year (without any wind) had been more than a second quicker, so there's probably more to come from the Gordini on a calmer day.

Thanks Chris for the photos.

R4 timing ticket

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