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MGB (Dodgem Edition)

MGB on the start line

The Slow Car Club are proud to have "The Stag" at the event.

Some say he doesn't ever sleep, and eats small children for breakfast. All we know is that he's called "The Stag" and is surely the fastest driver at the Pod.

Racing MGB

Sadly, The Stag didn't bring the fastest car.

The Stag gets off to a perfect start with a reaction time of 0.01 seconds. But the Jap repmobile racing against him zooms along the track and leaves the MGB for dead.

mgb time

Oh dear, what's this....

The MGB crosses the line in 24.5 seconds. Midway between the Renaults and the Transit Van.

This guarantees The Stag a runner up prize in the Slow Car Club Event.

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