Citroen 2CV Drag Racing

Two 2CVs were racing down the track when I arrived at Santa Pod. The cars were very evenly matched and were neck and neck all the way to the finish line. Ian lost half a car's length at the start, but gradually pulled back and won by a nose.

The close racing is the real fun in drag racing slow evenly matched cars.

Green 2CV

Sadly that was the only time that 2CVs raced against each other. Every attempt after that was thwarted by one lane being closed for track cleaning.

Here a 2CV is matched against a Porsche 928. The 2CVs were real crowd pleasers with every run causing great amusement.

Citroen 2CV vs Porsche 928

A couple of accidents, a long lunch break, and too many jet car runs ensured very long queues. This one stretched the length of the track and took a couple of hours to clear.

Must runs were made earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon.

2CV Line Up

The 602cc 29hp engine is perhaps not the most obvious choice for drag racing.

Citroen 2CV Engine

Rachel wasn't able to sign on until mid afternoon and only managed one run. But what a run that was. 0.5 second reaction time followed by a mighty run down the strip terminating at over 51mph and a 24.4 second time.

So it's true - the green ones are more aerodynamic!

CItroen 2CV Drag Racing

The 2CV with all the lights attracted a great deal of attention, and the remote control horns fitted to this 2CV were a lot of fun as unsuspecting passers by leaned forward for a closer look.

Citroen 2CV with 32 lights

Having been beaten by Rachel, Russ takes up the mantle and puts in one last run. Time is running out at the track as the paramedics want to go home. The tension builds and all eyes fall on the 2CV.

The headwind had died down a little by this point, and Russ put in a faultless run with the fastest 2CV time of the day. Surely this must guarantee Russ the Slow Car Club Prize?

Yellow Citroen 2CV

Back in parc ferme after the race - Russ was caught refitting the cooling fan to the engine. Seems it had been removed while queuing for the last run.

The 2CVGB Club are takling about going back to have another go later on in the month.

2CV Maintenance

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