Muscle Cars at Santa Pod

The funny cars were having an exciting day at the Pod. Some very quick (under 6 second) times, but a lot of drama along the way.

This one managed to lift a front wheel over the first 1/8th mile, and others tried to cover the whole quarter mile sideways. Others tried to get the sideways thing going after the first gear change, then thought better of it and calmed down for the remainder of the run.

Funny car

A Fiat 126 is an unlikely muscle car, but this one was fitted with a 2 liter Toyota engine. It's such a tiny car that I thought it had been shortened to reduce the weight for drag racing, but I'm assured all 126's are that long.

I missed the best runs for this car, but it must have some potential.

Fiat 126

The Talon was another tiny car. It's so amazingly well done that you can't tell the size from the photos apart from the size of the driver's helmet.

Again I've no idea of the times, but recall it was suitably noisy.

Photo by Vice Admiral Ian Stanbury

Talon mini-drag car

You need 4 wheels to be a muscle car! But the drag bikes have a pair of castors on the wheelie bars so I reckon this one counted.

Some impressive times reported for the bikes this year - even the road bikes were coming in at less than 10 seconds.

Drag bike

Even the tots can have a go! The kids driving the mini dragsters raced over 1/8th mile. They look like top fuel but appear to be powered by lawn mower engines.

I believe it's possible to rent these things from Santa Pod, and they must be a great experience for the very young. The not quite so young might get bored and want a top fuel version.

Tot's dragster

Some proper american metal at the pod. This '50's truck appears to have a nitrous cylinder in the load bay.

One of these days I'll write down the times on a bit of paper. It was going well off the start line.

Photo by Vice Admiral Ian Stanbury

Drag truck

Not really a muscle car, but the Mini Speedster was one of the nicect prepared cars at Santa Pod.

The bodywork curved down over the rear wheels in a proper hot rod fashion resulting in really clean looks. The paintwork was perfect too.

Mini Speedster

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