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Apologies for Absence - Land Rover Series 3 (Long Wheelbase)

Broken bearing

Chris turned up with small plastic bag full of bits of metal rather than the more usual full size Land Rover. This was the first sign that all was not well.

The parts that had fallen out of the gearbox once formed part of a layshaft bearing. To his credit, Chris seems to have run the bearing far past the point where it stopped working as evidenced by the enormous flat spots.

Land Rover

Here is a library shot of the Land Rover from the chassis swap a few weeks ago (when it would have been convenient to swap layshaft bearings and the like).

Strangely enough Chris's Land Rover was not the only Land Rover that failed to materialise. Ralph phoned the night before to say he'd met a couple of girls and thought he'd probably have more fun staying where he was.

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