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Fast Cars at Santa Pod

Mustang vs Camero

A number of fast cars were kind enough to join us for the Slow Car event.

A rather nice Ford Mustang (combustion forces presumably blew the bonnet off at the start line) races against a Chevrolet Camaro (combustion forces have merely created a huge dent in the bonnet).

Drag car

There were some real dragsters racing. This one was running normally aspirated and was putting in 8 second quarter miles.

Drag car (with sticker)

The Wild Child dragster proudly displayed the Crap Trumps sticker.

Chevy pickup

A Chevy pick up with an unusual roof mounted wing and air scoop.

Funny car

A funny car with the body removed for a mechanical tinker. Note the gaffer tape being used to hold the tyres onto the rims.

None of these cars qualified for Slow Car Club prizes.

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