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High Speed Racing Transit Van - Overall Winner

Transit Party

The Crap Trumps team didn't take the event very seriously. Their mascot Transit van seemed to have a constant party going on around it.

The van was filled with boxes of Crap Trumps which were distributed along with stickers to other competitors. By the end of the day just about every car on the strip had a Crap Trumps sticker.

Transit at the start line

The Transit was a diesel automatic, and the flames painted on the body were more to cover up rust patches than to indicate any potential performance enhancements.

Here it is at the start line.

Still on the start line

Still at the start line, the driver's attention is caught by a Scoobedoo speeding away into the distance.

He engages drive and sets off on the long journey down the strip.

Halfway up the strip

The Transit continues it's journey as Scoobedoo crosses the finish line.

The driver of the Scoobedoo could have probably stopped for a bit of lunch, got back into his car and lapped the Transit so delightfully slow was it's progress up the strip.

James claims a half a minute quarter mile time, but the rumor in the paddock was it was more than that.

Transit Time

What do you know - it was 26.6 seconds - only 5 seconds slower than the Renaults!

To put this into prespective, the 400m (roughly 1/4 mile) world record is held by Michael Johnson at 43.18 seconds.

For slowness beyond the call of duty, the Transit is the overall winner of the Slow Car Club Drag Racing Event.

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