Jet Cars at Santa Pod

Rule number 1 at Santa Pod - never stand behind the jet car!

The grandstand behind the start line gets a good smoking as the jet car afterburner is warmed up. It's a really nasty place to stand and watch the jet car, but the guy kneeling down behind the car seems to have taken things one step further.

The Santa Pod jet car managed a really good run this year - normally it has to back off somewhere on the track, but this time a clean Hammond inspired run of around 6 seconds.

Jet car afterburner

It's only the Santa Pod jet car that gets to skip the queue. Julian Webb's "Split Second" jet car had to queue up with the rest of us.

That exhaust pipe would even put some Subarus to shame.

Jet car exhaust

It would be wonderful fun to race against a jet car, but they tend to be sent up the strip alone.

Probably that's a good thing - Professor Stanbury looked like he would be matched up against the jet car at one point, and there would be a real danger of the Renault being sucked up into it's intakes.

Jet car vs Renault 4

Here's the "Split Second" jet in action.

Photo by Field Marshall Ian Stanbury (photographer in drag)

Jet car in action

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