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Cool cars

Honda Civic Type R

A Honda Civic Type R with 25 inch wheel rims looked good in black with a bright yellow Crap Trumps sticker.

The latest version of tuned Civic is a Type RR. The Slow Car Club would like to suggest Honda Make a Type RoRRR.

Drag racing Jaguar

The Jag was super cool and was putting in some impressive times. I didn't get the chance to look at the engine, but I did spot a tank of Nitrous in the boot.

Amusingly the cockpit filled with smoke when the Jaguar did a burn out. This caused some delays on the start line while the driver waited for the fumes to vent.

Twin engined mini

This mini had an engine at each end which seemed a good idea.

Peugeot 306

A Peugeot 306 caught by high sped film.

Toyota Yaris

A Toyota Yaris fails admirably to catch some Japanese rubbish. That, the liberal application of stickers, and the pleasing photo makes the Yaris a runner up in the Slow Car races.

Volkswagen Beetle

We spotted a rather nice Beetle at the event. The car was immaculate, and had a propped open engine cover and pointy exhaust, suggesting some serious tuning underneath.

Hot Rod

This Ford was rescued from the crusher, but not before the roof had been squished a little. The owner had a wonderful 50's haircut.

Laguna vs Vectra

Despite the last minute addition of a drag inducing roof rack, the Slow Car Club Renault Laguna Estate failed to be beaten by a Vauxhall Vectra.

Just goes to show how good these Renault cars are.... Bet he's got one of those credit card keys.

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