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609's Early Aircraft, and some others

There were a number of photographs of aircraft in my grandfather's archive. Some are related to 609 Squadron, and some to other squadrons that may have shared bases with 609.

A row of Hawker Hinds

Hawker Hind

A row of 609 Squadron Hawker Hinds probably during 1938.

The Hind to the foreground K6848 would later be written off by PO Dundas after the engine cut on take off. It ended up resting inverted in a back garden in Victoria Street, Yeadon. (Jim Earnshaw's book 609 at War contains a good photograph of this incident.)

Hawker Hind in flight

Hawker Hinds in Flight

Jim Earnshaw lightheartedly refers to the Hawker Hind as 609 Squadron's answer to the Messerschmitt Me 109.

Thankfully they would be replaced by Spitfires in August 1939, just a month before the outbreak of World War 2.

Fairey Battle

Fairey Battles

Spitfires were in short supply in 1939, and 609 squadrons used three Fairey Battles to train pilots in monoplane flying during the spring and summer of 1939.

This is Fairey Battle K7629 and the photograph may have been taken at Yeadon, now Leeds Bradford Airport.

Two Armstrong Whitworths

Armstrong Whitworth

27th August 1939 - Two Armstrong Whitworths, formerly of Imperial Airways, land at Yeaden to transport 609 Squadron to Catterick.

War was declared just 10 days after 609 reached Catterick.

Vickers Vildebeest MK III

Vickers Vildebeest

A rather unfortunate Vickers Vildebeest MK III (K4591) belonging to 22 Squadron. The photograph was probably taken during 1938 at summer camp in Thorney Island.

The aircraft was repaired and eventually found it's way to New Zealand.

Short Stirling

Short Stirling

Among the other aircraft photographs in the archive is a Short Stirling following a belly landing. The only signs of damage are the bent propellers.

Bristol Bulldog II J9567

Bristol Bulldog II J9567

This aircraft is referenced elsewhere on the internet, but the information is written in Russian.

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