Merged image of a V8 engine, Sherman Tank,  Clementine the Cat, and my MGA in the Alpes

VORD's Classic Cars


MGB V8 Conversion

The conversion includes unusual modifications to the engine, suspension and interior.

MGA (In the Alps)

MGA Restoration and Adventures

Restoring an MGA recovered from a scrapyard in Texas, driving it to the Alps, and technical tips.

Rochdale Olympic

Rochdale Olympic

From wreck to immaculate back to wreck. Progress on the second rebuild.

609 Squadron Photographs

609 Squadron Photographs

Photographs of aircraft and people associated with 609 Squadron between 1937 and 1943.

Automotive Fun

Sherman tank crushing a Skoda

Ralph and the big tank

Who let Ralph near a tank?

Land Rover chassis

The Land Rover Challenge

Changing the chassis on a Land Rover in a weekend.

VW Bus

Sinking a VW Bus

Next time we're going to travel overland. started out many years ago as a personal website. I've also authored a few other websites that might interest you:

Renault 4

Clementine's Renault 4 Garage

Experience the wonderful world of Renault 4s.

Mig Welder

MIG welding - The DIY Guide

MIG welding is one of the most theraputic things you can do in your spare time. Tutorials also cover arc welding.

The Salutation

Restoring a Pub

This will keep me busy!

Aston Martin V8

Aston Martin Restoration

There is enough restoration in one of these to justify it's own website.

The Slow Car Club

Citroen 2CVs racing against Renault 4s at Santa Pod.

About me

Travel and Friends

Travels including skiing trips, extreme walking, Oktoberfest, and parties.

About Me

Who am I and where do I live?


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