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Skoda and Sherman tank

Land Rover chassis swap

How to sink a VW Bus

Rochdale Olympic

Robert's Rochdale Olympic

Background and the bump

A new floor with rear diffuser

Building the subframe

Fitting the roof and front end

Finishing the body

Rochdale on wheels

Prep for painting

Final assembly

First drive

MOT And More

Fuel Tanks


Fire Threatens VORD Garage

Mobile Saw Mill at the Farm

Ralph and the big tank

This Skoda was intercepted on it's way to a scrapyard in 1997.

  • "I think the battery might be flat"  - Lew Rotherham
  • " Now all it needs are some low profile tyres!"  - Peter Monk from Australia

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Ralph has borrowed a Skoda.......

Rusty Skoda


........and has a friend with a very big tank.

This is James from Manby Action and his Sherman tank.

SHerman tank appears behind Skoda


You could tell what was going to happen.

Sherman drives over rear of Skoda


It wasn't worth anything - we'd already sold the petrol....

Windscreen of Skoda is pressed out


Don't think the Skoda will get through the next MOT...

Nothing new there...

Skoda bent in the middle after the first run


What do you call a Skoda with a tank on the roof?

Tank drives directly over Scoda


Czech Mate!

(Thanks for suggesting that Woz)

Tank on top of Skoda


Should fit in the skip nicely now.


Download the video!
(1.04 minutes duration, 1.2Mb)

The remains of the Skoda

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