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2010: The Rochdale Olympic is Finished!

Mechanicing holidays have been few and far between since least years update. In July 2010 Robert came over for a week to try to finish the car.

STarting Rochdale for first time

The car was mostly together when we left it in 2009, but there were still lots of fiddly bits to complete, with the major job being fitting all the windows.

It wasn't until Sunday morning (the last day) that the engine was filled with coolant and started for the first time in 8 years.

The first drive

The engine started and ran very well, so it wasn't long before the car left the garage under it's own steam.

Here it is tackling one of the tricky dirt stages on the VORD proving ground, a stage known to be particularly tough on bonnets.

Front view in front of farm equipment

With the bonnet recovered it was time to take some photos.

SIde view with Robert and Nigel

That's Nigel (left) and Robert (right) taking in the view from the other side.

Rear threequarters

The original 14 inch wheels have been changed for 13 inch Austin Healey Sprite wheels which look a lot nicer. The new colour suits the car a lot better too.


The car isn't quite finished - the front seats are still at the trimmers.

The driver currently has an oil can and a blanket to sit on, but the passenger has no such luxury.

Rear detail

Here's some detail that was difficult to photograph when the car was in the garage. The fins at either edge of the rear diffuser and the exhaust exiting from the bodywork are both unique to this car.

Front detail

The previous incarnation of this Rochdale Olympic had indicators just below the headlights where they looked like 'beauty spots'. They are a lot tidier incorporated within the headlamps.

Rear view

There is talk of adding a heatshield around the silencer. I think the inside of the car may have become a little smelly with the heat.

Robert driving

There's still some fettling to do before the MOT which will likely be completed on the next visit.

Cars are a bit of a pain in Barcelona so the Rochdale will probably remain in the UK and be used for holidays.

That's it for a while longer. I'm hoping to cover the MOT to finish this section.

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