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How to sink a VW bus

This unfortunate incident occurred during a trip to the south of France in a VW Bus around 1990.

You can just about make out the VW bus in the distance.

That's what happens when you camp on a flood plain. We'd wondered why all the other campers had disappeared - turns out they could understand the flood warnings on French radio.

vw bus a long way away

The VW bus was pretty well stuck. We had decided to head for higher ground after waking up in the middle of the night surrounded by water.

Navigation not being our strong point we got lost in the dark, drove into a lagoon, and ended up spinning wheels in the mud.

bus listing in the water

The girls tried to get us out, but in the end it took a Frenchman with a big truck and a bus load of very helpful German tourists to extract the van.

We had to remove the spark plugs to pump salt water out of the engine.

girls try to recover bus

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