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MGA restoration

Road trips

To the Alps in an MGA

MGA to Morzine 2008

Engine and cooling

MGA cooling

Fuel vaporisation

Hot starting

123 Tune Ignition Timing


MGA seats - making them comfortable


Alternator and negative earth conversion

MGA Restoration and Adventures

Helga the MGA has been with me since 1992. We've had some adventures together since then, but I've no idea how far we've traveled as the speedometer was broken for 7 years. Here are some tales about our adventures.

Over the last few years the MGA hasn't had a lot of use, but I still have the car. I've always promised her a paint tidy up for her 50th birthday to remove dents and scrapes. Eek - that's 2009.

MGA Restoration

MGA Restoration

Helga the MGA was rescued from a scrap yard in Texas in 1992. This is the story of a 3 year restoration.

Helga was far from complete when I bought her, and despite selling everything I had I was unable to afford completely original parts. This is why she has MGB instruments, engine and overdrive gearbox.

The Alps in an MGA

To the Alps in an MGA

A three week trip in February 2003. I drove to Munich to see Dan for some snow boarding. From there to Freidrichshafen to pick up Chris (more snow boarding). We met an English gentleman in Schruns - he was surprised at our chosen transport: "Bloody Marvelous". Finally we drove across Switzerland to Val D'Isere for another week of snowboarding.

MGA Cooling

MGA Cooling

On the skiing trip the MGA managed to overheat in a traffic queue at minus 4 degrees C. Overheating has been a problem with Helga for several years. Finally I got around to improving the situation, and I've written some notes on what I found.

Fuel vaporization

Fuel Vaporisation

After one too many breakdowns in town due to fuel vaporisation I've redesigned the heatshields to protect the carburetor float chambers from exhaust heat, and made some temperature measurements with a thermocouple.

MGA Seats

MGA Seats - Making them Comfortable

Some modifications to the seat base that improve lumbar support and lower leg support (they tilt the whole seat backwards). One 3,000 mile trip later and I don't have a sore back!

MGA alternator conversion

Alternator and Negative Earth Conversion

How to replace the dynamo with an alternator and change from positive earth to negative earth at the same time.

Hot starting problems

Hot starting

Some thoughts about the differences between summer fuel and winter fuel, and my favourite problem - a weak spark!

MGA to Morzine

MGA to Morzine 2008

The idea for the ski trip in 2008 was to blast down the autoroutes in the MGA. It started to go wrong when another friend decided he wanted to come along. We put him on an aeroplane with plane to meet him with the keys.

Then it started to go badly wrong. Not many MGA pictures but some nice holiday snaps.

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