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Tour des Alpes 2003

My first redundancy was in 2003. Or it would have been had I not resigned a few weeks previously as the rendancy timing would have missed the skiing season.

Swanning around in the Alps in an MGA might not be the most sensible start to self employment, bit it was an experience.

MGA in the Alpes

I had more time than normal this year for a snowboarding holiday so decided to drive down to the Alpes in Helga the MGA.

I fitted snow tyres and a hardtop and made some modifications to the seats to improve comfort on the trip but didn't have much time for any other preparations.


Me and snowboard in Ingolstadt

First stop to Ingolstadt to see Dan and Ariane. I managed 115mph on the Autobahn before the MGA started to feel unstable, although the engine seemed to be keen for more.

We went down to Munchen in Dan's hellacool van (background) and bought a really cool 160 board.

Ariane and Dan

The next day we took the bus to Fugen in Austria with Ariane and Dan (pictured) and Chris.

Dan and Chris with very big showballs


Dan and Chris have a snowball fight. (The snowballs in Austria are better than anywhere else.)

Bodo's MGB bodyshell

I stopped off to see Bodo who lives near Ingolstadt and is rebuilding a Costello MGB GT V8 to an astonishing standard. I forgot to take a photograph so have used one of his. The car has been painted since this photograph and virtually every part is being plated before refitting.

Chris sitting on statue at fountain

Chris joined me in Freidrichshafen. He needed a board and Ralph had said the snowboard shops were near this fountain. We had great fun asking directions to the fountain in the shape of a fish... with a human head.... and propellor for a tail...

We didn't find a board so had a look around the Zeppelin museum then went to stay with Ralph in his 1970s style apartment.

Me boarding doen a steep hill

Chris bought a board in Schruns and we had a race down the hill. I face-planted and had a sore nose for a few days.

We also boarded in Lech. The Flexenpass on the way to Lech was excellent and we went up and down it 3 times.

Chris and the MGA with snowboards on the back

Chris navigated us over a number of passes on the way to Val d'Isere. Unfortunately some of the higher passes were closed including the St Gottard and Furkapass so we diverted via the Brunigpass, the Grimselpass and the Col de la Forclaz (pictured), as well as a few other unnamed passes.

Boats in a Swiss lake

The drive through Switzerland was very pretty. We found this view near the bottom of the St Gottard Pass when we stopped for lunch.

The MGA on a pass at dusk

We had intended crossing over the Col du Petit St Bernhard to arrive in Val d'Isere in time for some snowboarding, however the pass was closed, we diverted and were stuck in traffic. The Gendarme were stopping people from rat running off the stationary road. Chris got us past them with 'Le moteur est malade - tros chaud!'

Val d'Iere from our appartment

Our apartment in Val d'Isere had an excellent view of the town. This view was taken early in the morning before the sun rose over the mountains.

We hit the piste later each morning and on the last day we didn't start until an embarrasing 10:00.

Robert in powder

Robert boarding in da powda.

It snowed on Sunday and the powder was excellent. Visibility was poor during the snowfall and we couldn't tell uphill from downhill. We got to know a nice powder slope and went down it at increasing speed in limited visibility.

Carlo sleeping

Carlo's right arm froze up while skiing. He found it most comfortable to support it on a beer while resting.

It was hard work for the Gillette crew as nobody apart from them appeared to use their products.

Mike with a box on his head

Mike (our other Gillette representative) very thoughtfuly kept a box on his head while in the apartment.

The eye of the needle rock formation

This is the Eye of the Needle above Tignes. The slope would be black if it was a piste and has some excellent powder at the bottom.

The figures in the picture are an Australian couple. The girl had convinced her less accomplished partner that the slope would not be as bad as it looked.

Clementine the cat on a mono ski

We bumped in to Clementine on the slopes. Clementine has been in the Alpes all season and is a very cool cat on the piste. He denied any romantic interest.

Group in bar

Apre ski. We went sledging on the Belevarde Olympique run late one afternoon then retired to the bar for a drink.

Drinks were half price during happy hour so Pat bought a round of 14 beers.

Pat in a halfpipe

Pat boarding down a natural half pipe.

Belgian girls with Clementine

We uncovered Clementine's romantic interest. Clementine has decided to stay in the Alpes with the Belgian girls until the end of the season and has plans to tour the world.

Group outside resturant on slopes

Vin Chaud... Heppy Hour!

MGS with thick covering of snow

The MGA went twice as fast on the way home with it's new aero fastback style. The MGA is quite comfortable with a hardtop and earplugs.

The overdrive became increasingly intermittent during the trip (possibly due to overheating). Other than that the car was reliable.

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