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Modifying MGA Seats for Comfort

I put up with standard MGA seats for 7 years. They are completely the wrong shape - the back rest is too vertical so there is no lower back support, and the base is too flat so there is no lower leg support.

It was the prospect of driving 3,000 miles across Europe that finally motivated me to do something about it.

MGA seats

The photo shows the modified seats. They are standard MGA seats that have been rotated backwards.

Tipping the seats back increases lower leg and lumbar support (and I've stuffed a little more padding in the lower part of the seat back to further increase lumbar support).

Modified seat base

Simply tilting the whole seat back by propping up the front with a bit of wood would have posed issues in fore-aft adjustment.

Here I've cut the seat rails off the front of the seat frame and tied the rails together with an additional bar to retain their position.

Seat base adjustment

New gussets on the seat base frame mount a couple of bolts with washers welded to their base. The bolts screw into the additional bar and provide a means for adjustment.

The seat rails are welded to the rear of the seat base as normal. so this new adjustment tilts both the seat base and back backwards.

Extended mountings for seat back

While I was at it I decided to put some independant adjustment into the seat back by making some new mountings for the squab that were a little taller than the originals.

Seat back adjustment - Flintstones style

I welded some nuts into the rear of the seat base and screwed a couple of bolts in. The rail at the bottom of the seat back fits on top of the bolts which provide a means of adjusting the seat back angle.

I modified the passenger seat too, but only did the first modification for tilting the whole seat rather than independent seat back and base adjustment. It's quite comfy, so maybe the second modification is not necessary.

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