Merged image of a V8 engine, Sherman Tank,  Clementine the Cat, and my MGA in the Alpes

Val d'Isere 2002

Many thanks to guest photographer Lewis for some of these photos. Click on the little pictures below to make big pictures and use the back botton in your browser to return here.

Colorful group in sunshine

Everyone apart from Marianna and Katy who were having snowboarding lessons and photographer Lewis


Ricardo in the sunshine above the cloud

Ricardo before plunging into the fog


Mark in mid air

Mark jumping in powder


Dan and Carlo with their faces pressed together

Dan and Carlo


Me at high speed

Me at high speed in powder


John in the air

Lewis airborne


John in his underwear

Lewis relaxing after a hard days boarding


Katy on a snowboard



Marianna on a snowboard



Carlo standing on a light in the floor

Curious local streetlighting


Dan snowboarding down a steep slope

Dan boarding down a cliff


Dan resting against a danger sign

'Danger is my middle name'


Mark using John's yellow pixi boots  as ears



Robert on a snowboard

Robert boarding on a broken leg


Carlo holding his eyes open

Carlo needing to be calmed down


Carlo playing with a lighter

Thats done the trick


Dan in mid jump

Dan getting mega air


Dan in mid jump again

Dan still in flight


Chi and Joss

Chi and Joss


All at dinner

At dinner


John with lots of empty beer glasses

Later at the pub

Also on snowboarding photos from Morzine in 2001, and Val d'Isere in 2003

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