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Mobile Saw Mill at the Farm

A Mobile Saw Mill at the Farm

Like everyone else, we have an enormous stack of tree trunks cluttering up the back yard. They were part of one of the many business opportunities drempt up by a previous tennant.

The idea was to buy wood in the form of trees, then invest in equipment to make it into planks, dry them then sell them.

Few of these business opportunities came to enything, and the weed needed to be cleared when he left.

Stack of trees

Seemed time to do something with them before they completely rotted away.

Chainsawing a tree trunk

The wood had been sitting for a number of years, so the first step was to cut off the rotten bits. That's Terry with the chainsaw. Gareth and Pete (Tree People) offer encouragement.

Mobile Mill

The mobile mill was impressive. It was an Autotrek fielded by Timber Resources International


Essentially a bandsaw on rails it made short work of the trees.

The accuracy of the Autotrek was very impressive. Rob positioned two matching slices of tree side by side and they were perfectly level.

Saw mill in action

For some reason the control panel was placed downwind of the cutter ensuring the Rob had a steady covering of sawdust.

These guys have been chopping trees for years, and varied the thickness of planks to produce the most useful size of wood from any given tree.

Trimming a tree

Some of our trees were slightly too wide for the saw and had to be trimmed with a chain saw. The bloke with the camera came over to do an article for Farmers Weekly magazine on the event.

Plank of Wood

The resident expert points out a big plank of tree to the reporter.

Stack of timber

Finally the sectioned trees were stacked in the corner of the front yard.

Alpine mountain dog

The Alpine mountain dog will be disappointed that his climbing frame has disappeared (were you paying attention at the first photo?), but there are now plenty of bits of unwanted tree lying around the yard so we won't be cold this winter.

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