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2007: Rochdale on Wheels!

2005. An early start this year (probably because the Davrian is still broken).

Last weekend Robert decided to learn to weld. Saturday was spent practicing on sheet and referring to the mig welding tutorial, and Sunday welding bits and pieces for the Rochdale.

Front suspension trial fitted

28 January 2007. Making an upper wishbone is perhaps not the obvious choice as a first job for a first time welder, but it turned out remarkably well. Though I'm surprised he didn't decide to make the suspension out of fiberglass.

This weekend the mounting brackets were knocked up and the front suspension is nearly complete.

Unsafe lifting

1st July 2007. The apparent lack of progress over the first half of the year was partially due to the Davrian. From memory the gearbox broke and replacing it was an engine out job. Then a week or so later the engine broke and needed to be replaced. I've half a feeling the clutch was the next to fail. So there was only time to make some steering mounts and a bit of ducting for the Rochdale.

Still, it was a lovely surprise to see Captain Safety back on the Rochdale again. Here the frame under the car is balanced on 2 wheels by an engine crane with a trolley jack on the other side to prevent those wheels from doing their thing.

Rochdale lowered onto wheels

7th July 2007. Rumours are circulating around the farm that the frame is being removed and wheels are being attached.

We rush to the garage to find the Rochdale being lowered onto it's wheels for the first time in 5 years. It's a momentous occasion. Amazingly the custom suspension supports the weight of the bodyshell so photos of catastrophic failures will have to wait until the weight of the engine is added.

Rochdale outside for sanding

8th September 2007. The wheels allow the Rochdale to be pushed outside for filling and sanding. This seems to have been going on constantly for the last few weeks, and apparently the sides are just about there (Robert likes to call them flanks). The remaining filling will concentrate on rectifying warping on the poop deck.

The bonnet remains untouched as it's due for replacement. It was damaged a little when it ripped off in the crash, but that's no problem for Robert as he still has the mould he used to make it the first time around.

We've had discussion about those fabricated upper wishbones. I don't feel they are substantial enough. Robert seems happy enough to rebuild the car between crashes so perhaps this doesn't matter. Still, we'll have to finish this rebuild before our argument is decided. See progress in 2008.

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