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Everyone needs a privacy policy these days. Though I'm struggling to think of anything to write for But you do leave a trace behind you as you use the internet. This page describes what that trace is on this site, who knows about it, how to avoid leaving that trace, and even how to request to have it removed.

Log files

Like most website servers we use log files. These files record IP address, high level operating system and browser details, and if you followed a link to this website where that link was. The data is used to record website traffic and occasionally to help diagnose problems reported by visitors.

There is no mechanism to remove the trace of your visits from the log files, partly because it's impossible to tell which logs are from you and which are from someone else with the same internet service provider.


I don't think we have any cookies but it is possible there might be some in the future so I should talk about them. Cookies are used for authentication. On a forum they would remember who you are so that you don't have to log in on every visit, and to help in forum features like highlighting unread posts. Cookies are small text files, so are harmless. Though there is no forum here.

If we did have cookies and you do not wish to accept these cookies you can set up your browser to disable cookies or if you get clever with the options in your browser you could refuse cookies only from this website.

Google advertising

We sell a little space on some pages to Google who fill it with their adverts. The adverts come from their server so when you view a page on this website containing their adverts you are effectively looking at one page on this website and one page on their website at the same time.

Their contribution is covered by their privacy policy. They can collect much the same information as this site can collect (see the log files and cookies sections above).

It is possible to refuse cookies from Google. Possibly this would reduce the functionality of their adverts. They may still be able to collect log file information.

Links to other sites

The website and forum often contain links to other websites. I can't vouch for these third party websites - they were good when they were linked but I don't check them every day. You can avoid these other websites by sticking around here.