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Drem, 1939. A Heinkel HE 111 is Shot Down

Heinkel HE 111 Crash Landing

"On October 28th 1939, 602 (City of Glasgow) and 603 (City of Edinburgh) Squadrons together brought down the first enemy aircraft of World War II to crash on British soil, a Heinkel HE 111 which force landed only 10 miles from Drem beside the village of Gifford."

(From The History of 609 Squadron by Frank Zeigler.)

Note: The text on this page describes the Humbie Heinkel, but it is likely the images show a Heinkel He111 that crash landed in North Berwick on 9th February 1940.

Heinkel HE111

Jack Lister recalls the incident:

"While at Drem shortly after the German Aircraft had been shot down I was asked to develop and print a film taken illegally at the scene by Olaf Priestly. The prints were quite good and there followed a big demand from the boys....

Heinkel Crash

.... At that time the Photographic Section was housed in the same building as the Intelligence officer. Unfortunately someone must have spilled the beans because as I was processing further orders, in walked the officer and confiscated the negative and all the prints. I escaped with a caution but my business was closed down for the time being."

(From Tally Ho (the 609 Association newsletter) number 46, an article written by Jack Lister)

Spitfire in Drem

Firing a Spitfire's guns (by accident)

"I have a note that suggests that (Jack Lister) was the unfortunate tasked with correcting a dud camera gun on a Spitfire. This was presented to him at Dispersal. He removed the camera for servicing, taking a lunch break in the middle of the process.".....

....."The armourers, on a different lunch break, returned to find an unarmed Spitfire, which I understand was against regulations, so they re-armed it. And left. ".....

....."Jack returns, installs the camera, clambers into the cockpit to test it, and presses the suitable button. Was there not someone else present, ear pressed to the camera housing so as to hear it run? I think so. ".....

....."Much loud, unexpected consternation! My information notes that this happened at Drem."

(From Jack Lister's obituary in Tally Ho - the 609 Squadron Association Newsletter Number 46, written by David Darley.)

609 Pilots in Drem

Pilots at Drem

Photograph taken in Drem 1939. 609 Squadron Pilots Left to right

F/O A J Blayney - P/O J W Garton KIA 09/07/40 - F/O J C Gilbert (Pinkey) KIA June 1 1940 - F/O Beaumont - F/O B W Litle

Drem Christmas Manu 1939

Xmas Menu, Drem 1939

The 609 Squadron Christmas Menu from Drem, The Drem Menu is signed on the reverse. I'm guessing at some of the names but here is a try:

G.O Priestley, F Dunman, R Walker, G.C Capes, G.R Brown, S Escley, H Bradford, S.H Crowther, Donald N.M Harwood, L.V Lindley, L Hancock, L R Crowther, R G Beckett, N Herrington, G Bray, J.W Holmes.

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