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What we eat

How to cook pheasant pie.

Hanging pheasants

We weren't responsible for the death of these pheasants. Country folk shoot them for sport. In the past they would have been plucked and cooked by a country housewife.

These days the housewife works in London and doesn't have time to cook. Often the pheasants are thrown away. We arranged to have some thrown in our direction.

Clive the Country Chef demonstrates how to cook pheasant.

acting the meat from pheasants

Plucking pheasant sounded like a chore. Clive decided to cut them open, remove the useful meat, and wash the feathers off later.

It probably took less time than popping down to the out of town supermarket in a four wheel drive off-road people cruiser, selecting some random meat, and then removing it from it's extensive packaging.

Pheasant meat

Clive's country recipe:

Fry some onions, then add the pheasant meat to the pan. Fry until the pheasant is almost done, then add some mushrooms.

Decant the contents of the frying pan into a pie dish. Add chicken flavour gravy (Bisto is good) and then add the pastry top and place in the oven to cook.

Pheasant pie

After some time in the oven the pie was served with roast potatoes, carrot and courgette. The pheasant pie tasted wonderful.

We can't help thinking that the development of the shotgun has caught out pheasant evolution. Flight used to be a great way of getting away from danger. Now it is the worst thing they can possibly do.