Merged image of a V8 engine, Sherman Tank,  Clementine the Cat, and my MGA in the Alpes

Where I live

I share a farmhouse with some friends near Bedford (UK).

The location is very nice and quiet. The nearest pub is 2 miles away but we can walk there on footpaths and bridleways. There is an enormous lawn for bonfires and barbeques, and a swimming pool that we are maintaining as a nature reserve.

The state of decoration left something to be desired when we took over the let. Work is very much in progress.

We have a lot of barns and workshop space for various projects. At the end of 2005 we have 3 Aston Martin V8s, an MGA, an MGB, a Davrian, a Rochdale Olympic, a Peugeot 205 1.9GTi, and an Alfa Romeo 2000GT cluttering the place.

My farmhouse

Update 2013: I lived there for 10 years but have moved now. See