Merged image of a V8 engine, Sherman Tank,  Clementine the Cat, and my MGA in the Alpes

Who am I?

This site is run by Malcolm Vardy.

I'm an engineer by training and still work as a consultant in acoustics for the automotive industry. I've worked with Bentley, Lotus, Aston Martin, Jaguar, GM and Hyundai. Find out more on the VORD Consulting website.

I used to do web design and search engine optimisation for a living. These days I prefer welding and restoring motor cars in my spare time. An Aston Martin restoration was a big challenge, but I can't afford the petrol for them myself, so I run a Renault 4. It's a slow car but it gets there in the end.

I'm reasonably sure I do other things too. I'll try to find some more websites and get back to you.

Picture of me