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McGonagall Night 2002

William Topaz McGonagall was the greatest of all Scottish poets and passed away in September 1902. We had a party to celebrate his great works. As always the little pics get bigger in a click.

John with his Aprilia

The guests arrive.....

John turns up on his brand new Aprilia fitted with more trick bits than you could shake a titanium exhaust at.

John and Robert chop wood

....... And are immediately put to work chopping wood.....

John and Robert doing their synchronised wood breaking thing.

John and Robert chopping wood dangerously

.....into smaller and smaller pieces.

It should be noted here that Robert and John are both highly trained in the ancient Japanese art of breaking wood with sledgehammer. On no account should you try this at home.

Farmer ploughs his field

The farmer spots the bonfire being built and quickly ploughs a fire break in the stubble. Maybe he doesn't trust us.

Group illuminated by bonfire

The furnace is up to temperature....

Carlo, Gary and John melt bottles

....and Carlo, Gary and John re-shape a molten glass bottle.

Ralph and Renate

"I've gone slightly mad" says Ralph. Renate seems to be coping with this strange group of people very well.....

Unhappy group

.... but Gary isn't coping quite so well with someone......

John attacks sleeping Carlo

.....Carlo always copes well. Even while sleeping he maintains that firm-but-fair manner.

Asleep on the lawn in the morning

In the morning: Looks like that wood chopping has taken it's toll on John and Robert. Or was it the beer?

Survivor's photograph

Chris, Mary, Simon, Ralph, Renate, Simon, and Denby the dog.......

Dog with paw on can

....who is going a great job stopping those aeroplanes from nicking his Pepsi can.

The works of McGonagall can be found on

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