Merged image of a V8 engine, Sherman Tank,  Clementine the Cat, and my MGA in the Alpes

Paris 2002

Claire has sent me some photos from Nick's leaving party in Paris.

Robert, AIsling and myself in the rum bar

For the Paris summer holiday of 2002 the Parisians have constructed a beach on the side of the Seine. We spend a little time there but inevitably end up in a Rum bar.


Catherine and friend in the rum bar

Nick, Carlo and myself in the rum bar


Robert, Carlo and myself have to head back on Sunday morning but Claire, Catherine, and Aisling stay on to take photos of a naked Le Penseur (below) and some water-borne bottoms (right).

Ornamental garden in front of palace with naked statues

Statue of Le Penseur contemplating

Claire thought Le Penseur might have had too many rums last night as well. Wonder if he knows to have breakfast at the Baron Rouge and have a bottle of wine to treat the hangover.

Nick left Paris to work in Japan. Everyone is now planning to give up work and sleep on Nick's floor for a month in the middle of a round the world trip.

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