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Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate in 1937

The training camp at Ramsgate in August 1937 was very popular with 609 Squadron Auxiliaries. Flying was apparently limited to the mornings leaving the afternoons and evenings free. These photographs show 609 Squadron at play in Ramsgate, Broadstairs, and Margate.

A boat trip in Margate

A boat trip in Margate

Margate pier is just visible in the background.

From left to right: D Pape, J Howarth, J Braithwaite, A.W. Smith.

Broadstairs beach

Broadstairs Beach

Taking away the conservative dress and hairstyles of the 1930s makes 609's auxiliaries look 20 years younger. They were in their early 20s at the time.

R Atack, J Payne, N Raper, J Braithwaite playing on the beach at Broadstairs.

Broadstairs bandstand

Broadstairs bandstand

A concert in Broadstairs Bandstand during the summer of 1937.

Broadstairs beach

Viking Bay, Broadstairs

Viking Bay in Broadstairs appears to have changed little since 1937 I was able to identify the location from modern photographs.

On the beach at Broadstairs

On Broadstairs Beach

On the beach at Broadstairs B. Bean, J, Raynes, J Payne, R Atack.

Margate Jetty and harbour

Margate Harbour

Margate Jetty and harbour. I understand Margate Jetty was demolished in 1978.

Aboard the Queen of the Thanet

Queen of the Thanet

On board the paddle steamer "Queen of Thanet".

R Welling, K Thompson, J Payne, J Braitwaite, AW Smith, T.B Taylor, F Thompson, B Bean, R Atack, K Wrightson.

cliftonville pool

Cliftonville Pool

Cliftonville Pool, otherwise known as Margate Lido. Pools like this became less popular after the war. This one has been filled in, but an adjacent nightclub still bears the name.

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