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MGB V8 - Rear Suspension Upper Arm Mounting

The lower arm for my trailing link rear suspension is mounted on the front spring hanger, but unfortunately MG had not provided a suitable mounting for the upper arm.

Not only that, but their battery boxes were in the way.....

battery tray and upper arm reinforcement

The outboard end of the upper arm was mounted inboard of the lower arm to provide clearance for the spring. I wanted to make the upper arms parallel with the lower arms, and had to move the side of the battery tray (which was in the way).

The new battery tray is mounted about 1 inch inboard of the old tray, and forms a mounting for one side of the upper arm mounting. The photograph also shows a 'U' shaped reinforcement for the upper arm mounting.

completed upper arm mounting viiewed from rear

The outboard mounting for the upper arm is triangulated back to the chassis. This will help to stiffen the upper arm mounting and reduce road noise due to panting of the heel panel.

upper arm mounting viewed from below.

The outboard mounting can be clearly seen in this photograph. The angle is about 45 degrees but looks less due to the curvature of the chassis at this point.

The new rear seat base panel is set at an angle to allow for vertical movement of the upper arm.

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